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Frequently Asked Questions

You can reach a member of our team at [email protected], and someone will respond to you within 48 hours. 

If you are an emerging adult looking for a resource that empathizes with this current life stage and you need focus and encouragement to help you invest in your third decade of life, this site is for you! 

No. You can cancel your subscription at any time. You will still benefit from the resources until your monthly or yearly renewal date expires. 

Members of the Emerging.Live community are welcome to join Dr. Steve Argue’s exclusive private, interactive group on Facebook- The Emerging.Live Community. Steve will be leading discussions, asking thought-provoking questions and leaving words of encouragement to those who are active participants in the group. 

No. I (Steve) identify as Christian. I don’t offer my religious identity as a way to claim a “side” in an otherwise supercharged topic. I only want to be honest with you that, for me, religion and spirituality matter. While I hold a particular point of view that animates my life, I am committed to generative dialogues where I am more interested in ways we make meaning of our lives than convincing people to see the world my way. My sense is that most emerging adults have an instinct for something beyond the material world. They want their lives to have meaning and seek ways to express these longings. So, for the sake of this resource, I want you to know that I welcome the religious/spiritual realm. My language, at times, may refer to spiritual ideas. I respectfully leave this door open for you to walk through it or not.

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